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What can be used in place of belt dressing?

anyway you can use silicone spray. Ivory soap works wonders. Dish soap or you could try putting it on propperly.

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Also question is, what can you use for belt dressing?

Spraying belt dressing on a belt softens the rubber and keeps it from drying out and slipping. You can use it on lawn mower drive and deck belts, tiller, tractor, and automotive belts to keep them limber and prolong their life. It can also prevent and stop squeaks caused by a slipping belt.

Also, can I use wd40 as belt dressing? WD-40 Automotive Specialist Belt Dressing is your go-to product for the maintenance of your belts. It's specially formulated to penetrate the chord fibres to restore flexibility and pliability to your car's belts, which will provide better grip and traction for all types of belts including: ribbed belts. V-belts.

Then, is belt dressing bad?

Today, you should never put belt dressing on an EPDM-made serpentine belt. Belt dressing, and other oils and solvents, may quieten the belt noise when first applied, but these oils will actually cause the belt's rib surface to become more aggressive once they dry out, leading to even more belt noise issues.

Can I use wd40 on car belt?

WD-40 doesn't stop rubber squeaks If you want to lubricate rubber parts, use a silicone or dry Teflon lube product. Spraying an oil based lube onto a serpentine or poly-ribbed drive belt may make the squeak disappear for a while, but it doesn't fix the underlying problem. Plus, it damages the belt.

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