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What can you do with a window well?

Window wells are usually installed for the following purposes:
  1. emergency egress.
  2. to prevent moisture damage to basement windows that are at or below grade.
  3. to allow sunlight into a below-grade room that would otherwise require artificial lighting.

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Simply so, are window wells a good idea?

Basement windows and window wells are a good way to allow natural light into your home. Natural light will open up your space and take your basement from dark and dreary to bright and inviting. Window well materials come in a variety of beautiful stone and metal finishes, which can even add exterior charm to your home.

Likewise, can you fill in a window well? With a well-constructed and properly maintained drain, a window well should never fill with water. Of course, some home builders will take short cuts with window wells and install them without drains. More commonly, though, the drains are there but, because of lack of maintenance, they clog up.

Subsequently, one may also ask, should I put rocks in my window well?

Window wells don't need to be boring. After digging out the hole to install your well, you fill it with gravel or broken rock chunks to support the window well itself, improve drainage and prevent damaging frost heaves in the winter. The same gravel or rock is used as a base of the floor inside the egress well.

What should a window well look like?

A window well is a U-shaped, ribbed metal or plastic product available in most home hardware stores. It's designed to fit around basement windows, providing a space between the window and the surrounding earth to allow light into sub-grade structures.

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