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What causes brown spots on plum tree leaves?

Brown rot is another of the plum tree diseases that affects the fruit. Homeowners are often unaware of a problem until green and ripening fruits display spots of the brown rot. In worsening stages, fruits become mummified and cling to the tree. They produce spores in spring.

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Also to know is, why are the leaves on my plum tree turning brown?

Drought. The leaves of fruit trees that are not receiving enough water will begin to wilt. If the fruit tree still is experiencing drought-like conditions, the leaves will become permanently wilted and begin to curl, yellow and finally turn brown.

Subsequently, question is, how do you know when a plum tree is dying? Initial telltale signs may show first in their leaves before their branches die. Leaves may be slower than usual to emerge in spring and they may turn pale green or yellow. Leaf margins and tips may scorch, which makes them turn brown and drop prematurely.

Secondly, what's eating the leaves on my plum tree?

You have skeletonized leaves on your plum tree which would be caused by a lepidopteran pest (moth or caterpillar) or beetles. Other insects like grasshoppers eat from the edge inwards. Skeletonized as it sounds it because the insect eats the tissue between the veins of the leaf leading to a skeleton.

How do you treat leaf curl on a plum tree?

Spraying Plum Trees During the Growing Season To control leaf curl plum aphid with an insecticide during the growing season, you must spray before the leaves curl up around the aphids. The best time to apply a growing season insecticide is before your tree blossoms or when the petals fade and fall.

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