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What causes spots on peaches?

Peach scab, also known as “freckles”, is caused by the fungus Cladosporium carpophilum. Disease symptoms occur on the fruit as small (less than ¼ inch in diameter) velvety dark spots and cracks. In cases of severe infection, spots may join together to form large dark lesions. Leaf infection is usually not observed.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, can you eat peaches with spots?

Freckle, Black Spot or Scab on Apricots, Peaches, Nectarines and Plums. This is a fungal issue affecting stone fruit. It is often just cosmetic and the fruit is perfectly fine to eat, however it become so dense that the fruit is rotten or shrivels and falls off.

Similarly, what do black spots on peaches mean? Peach scab is also called black spot or freckles—apt names because the black spots on a badly infected peach do make it look freckled. Cladosporium carpophilum, the fungus that causes the disease, occurs through- out the w^orld on peach twigs, leaves, and fruit.

Besides, how do you treat bacterial spot on peaches?

Compounds available for use on peach and nectarine for bacterial spot include copper, oxytetracycline (Mycoshield and generic equivalents), and syllit+captan; however, repeated applications are typically necessary for even minimal disease control.

How do you know when peaches go bad?

If you see peaches with thick, dense fuzz, this is a sign that they are probably fresh from a local source. Just use your thumbs to give them a good rubbing under cool water before you eat them - this will get rid of most of the fuzz and leave you with one tasty peach.

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