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What do contractors do in Iraq?

Civilian contractors have been hired to destroy captured Iraqi weapons, clear unexploded ordnance from military bases, transport armored vehicles into the country, and train the new Iraqi army.

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Also asked, how much do contractors make in Iraq?

At the height of the boom in the years following the start of the Iraq war, private security contractors with military or law enforcement experience could make upwards of $750 a day.

One may also ask, how many civilian contractors have died in Iraq? As of June 26, 2011, there have been 550 foreign private contractor deaths in Iraq as part of the Iraq War. Of those, 257 are Americans and 59 Britons. 225 of those killed were private military contractors or PMC's.

Considering this, what do contractors do in Afghanistan?

There are plenty of jobs and they will be available for a long time. The majority of contractor jobs are for security – working as truck drivers in Baghdad, interrogators in Afghanistan, or personal protection for big shot businessmen. They make up roughly 50% of the civilian contractors in remote regions of the world.

What do civilian contractors do?

A civilian contractor is someone who works overseas under contract for the government or military. In this field, you can also work for non-governmental organizations, private military contractors, and other foreign contracting services. Civilian contractors provide numerous support services to the government.

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