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What do you do when your boxwood turns yellow?

Feed and water your bushes like normal to help them recover. Root Rot. Sometimes, the root systems of boxwood shrubs get infected with fungal pathogens like Phytophthora. When root rot becomes serious, it'll manifest as yellowing leaves that curl inward and turn up, and the plant will grow poorly.

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Likewise, people ask, why did my boxwood turned yellow?

Nematodes. Parasitic nematodes steal nutrients from boxwood plants by attacking the roots, causing the plant to turn yellow or brown. Healthy plants that are well watered and fertilized are more likely to tolerate some damage from nematodes than plants that are stressed due to drought or poor soil drainage.

Additionally, how do you treat boxwood disease? Apply fresh mulch beneath the plants to reduce the chances of reinfection from spores that could splash from the soil onto foliage. The more effective homeowner fungicides for the control of boxwood blight are chlorothalonil or chlorothalonil mixed with thiophanate methyl.

Herein, how do you revive a dying boxwood shrub?

Whether or not a dry boxwood can be saved depends on the reason it is dry.

  1. Water the boxwood just enough to keep the soil moist.
  2. Add a 1-inch layer of mulch over the root zone of the shrub to help retain soil moisture.
  3. Prune out any dead or diseased branches with shears, cutting back to just outside a set of leaves.

Will my boxwood come back?

"Boxwoods can be cut back pretty dramatically and they'll re-grow nicely. "But because boxwoods are very prone to winter damage, you want to time their pruning—especially a hard pruning—carefully. The best time is that period where the end of winter meets the beginning of Spring, just before the new growth appears.

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