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What do you do with hyacinth bulbs after flowering?

What to do With Hyacinths After Flowering. After your hyacinths have finished flowering, snip off the flower stalks, but don't remove the foliage. The bulbs need their leaves to gather energy for next year's blooms. At the end of the spring season, the foliage will die back naturally, at which point it can be removed.

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Furthermore, how do you store hyacinth bulbs?

When the soil has dried out, carefully dig up the bulb and remove the dead foliage. Curing hyacinths is very easy. Lay the bulbs out on a newspaper in a cool, dark place for three days. After that, store them in a cool, dark location in a mesh bag.

Additionally, do hyacinth bulbs rebloom? Hyacinths in bloom are also very pleasing to look at, with their clusters of brightly colored flowers. But like all bulb plants, hyacinths have an awkward post-bloom period, and then they fade away. You can get the bulbs to bloom again the following spring, though, if you treat them right.

Also to know, what do you do with bulbs after they bloom?

After the bulb flowers have faded, deadhead the plants by removing faded blooms so that they won't waste energy producing seeds. Bulbs that you are naturalizing don't need this treatment – keep the flower heads on to encourage self-seeding. Once bulb leaves yellow and wither, which takes about six weeks – cut them off.

Do hyacinths come back every year?

Although hyacinth does return each year, it is usually smaller after the first season and has fewer blooms. In areas with mild winters, you need to provide extra care to the hyacinth bulb to get it to bloom.

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