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What does a ballast resistor do in an ignition system?

Basic function: the ballast resistor is a resistor contained in the primary ignition circuit wiring that lowers voltage after the engine is started to reduce wear on ignition components.

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Likewise, do I need a ballast resistor with electronic ignition?

Electronic ignition systems, whether factory Mopar or aftermarket, don't utilize breaker points, thereby not actually needing a ballast resistor to control amperage through the pickup coil. Quite simply, if your distributor has breaker points the answer is yes; if not, the answer is no.

Additionally, how do you wire an ignition with a ballast resistor? Connect a wire from the coil positive terminal to one side of the ballast resistor. Connect 12 volts to the other terminal of the resistor. 3. Install the high voltage coil wire.

In this manner, what are the symptoms of a bad ballast resistor?

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Ballast Resistor

  • Vehicle starts, then immediately dies. The most obvious symptoms will be the vehicle starts, but then immediately dies as soon as you release the key.
  • Not starting at all. If the ballast resistor is not working properly, the vehicle will not start.
  • Don't jump the resistor.
  • Let the vehicle be.

Can I bypass ballast resistor?

A quick and easy way to diagnose ballast resistor failure is to bypass it by running a temporary jumper wire from the battery to the coil. If it starts and remains running, you've found the problem. The ignition points are not designed to take full battery voltage for long.

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