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What does diaphragmatic attenuation mean?

A term used in forms of radio graphic imaging, it denotes an actual or apparent lack of blood flow of the heart muscle potentially caused by the muscles that control the diaphragm. May be an actual lack of bloodflow or not, if it is, it may indicate a prior heart attack.

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Also to know is, what is breast attenuation?

BACKGROUND: Breast attenuation artifact is well known for reducing the accuracy of myocardial perfusion imaging in women. The normals were further divided into those with breast attenuation (defined as mean anterior counts <70% maximum) and those without.

Likewise, what is gut attenuation? Attenuation correction is a mechanism that removes soft tissue artifacts from SPECT images. Attenuation artifacts vary among patients, but the most common corrections are to artifacts associated with breast attenuation in women and diaphragmatic attenuation in men.

Just so, what causes attenuation artifact?

Attenuation artifact” observed in a nuclear stress test is due to the reduction in the intensity / strength of signal when it travels through various body tissues of different densities, such as breast tissues, chest wall, and organs under the diaphragm.

What does soft tissue attenuation mean?

After a stress test, your physician may mention that you have “soft tissue artifact,” or “soft tissue attenuation.” What this means is that soft tissue, such as breast tissue, is showing up on the image created by the stress test.

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