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What does it mean to lay into someone?

(lay into someone) to attack someone physically or with cruel words because you are angry with them. My parents really laid into me for being so late.

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Likewise, what does it mean to lay with someone?

1 —used to say who has the blame or responsibility for something Responsibility for the accident lies with the company. 2 literary : to have sex with (someone) when he first lay with her.

what is a laid person? A lay person is a person who is not trained, qualified, or experienced in a particular subject or activity.

Also know, what does it mean to let up on someone?

let up (on someone or something) To become more lenient or less forceful with someone or when doing something. They are not going to let up on us in the second half, so we better be ready to battle with them. I know we've been hard on Erin, but I feel like she'll go back to her old ways if we let up now.

What does it mean to lay someone down?

lay someone down to ease someone into a reclining position; to ease someone into bed. The baby woke up when I tried to lay him down. The nurse laid the disturbed patient down time and time again.

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