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What does kölsch mean?

Kölsch (German pronunciation: [kœl?]) is a style of beer originating in Cologne, Germany. Kölsch is warm fermented with top-fermenting yeast, then conditioned at cold temperatures like a lager. This brewing process is similar to that used for Düsseldorf's altbier.

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Moreover, is a Kolsch an ale or a lager?

Of all these pale brews, Kölsch is the most idiosyncratic. It is an oddity, almost a hybrid — an ale made, like all ales, with top-fermenting yeasts, yet stored cold like a lager for a month or two.

Also, is Kolsch a wheat beer? Constructing Kölsch. The first mention of hops in Köln was in 1408, as the brewers of Köln proper were making mostly barley-gruit beers up to this point. Alternatively, a wheat and barley beer, infused with hops rather than gruit, known as keutebier, was being brewed in northern Germany.

In this regard, what does a Kolsch taste like?

The taste: Crisp, sparkling, and slightly fruity, Kölsch is often described as soft or delicate. Hops—almost always of the German variety—have a place in Kölsch beers, but they're there to accentuate flavors and provide balance to the malt rather than stimulate. As such, Kölsch beers have very little bitterness.

What is the difference between a pilsner and a Kolsch?

Pilsner will use a lager yeast and be much cleaner and bitter. Kolsch uses an ale yeast which imparts some fruitness to it via fermentation and is generally much less bitter.

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