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What does Nur Jahan mean?

Light of the World

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Besides, what do you mean by Nur Jahan junta?

Some historians mentioned that along with her father and brother, and in alliance with Khurram, Nur Jahan formed a group or "junta," which managed Jahangir's governance at such a level that without its support no one could approach emperor.

Subsequently, question is, who is Noor Jahan husband? Jahangir m. 1611–1627 Sher Afgan Khan m. 1594–1607

Correspondingly, when did Nur Jahan died?

December 17, 1645

Is Anarkali and Nur Jahan same?

2. The second view is that Anarkali, after the death of Akbar, was recalled by Salim (Jahangir) after which they married. She was given a new identity, Nur Jahan. He gave her the title of Nur Mehal, "Light of the Palace", and later, Nur Jahan, "Light of the World".

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