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What does product assortment mean?

What Is Product Assortment? Product assortment is the different types of products that a business makes or a retailer offers for sale. Breadth: The breadth of a company's products relates to the number of product lines a company produces or a retailer carries.

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Also, why is product assortment important?

The reasons for that are because the assortment of products is critical to demand generation and shopper satisfaction. One of the main ways a retailer can increase the financial performance is by increasing the level of customer satisfaction through the variety of products on offer.

Beside above, what is assortment display? Assortment Display. An interior display in which a retailer exhibits a wide range of merchandise for the customer. It may be open or closed.

Secondly, what is variety and assortment in retail?

The main difference between variety and assortment is that variety refers to the number of different merchandise categories a retailer sells, whereas assortment is the number of different items or SKUs in a merchandise category.

How can product assortment be improved?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Eliminate low value categories.
  2. Analyze size and color sales then reduce low performing choices.
  3. Optimize assortment around key price points. You don't have to serve every market.

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