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What does resolution mean in chromatography?

In chromatography, resolution is a measure of the separation of two peaks of different retention time t in a chromatogram.

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In this way, what is resolution factor in chromatography?

The resolution of a elution is a quantitative measure of how well two elution peaks can be differentiated in a chromatographic separation. It is defined as the difference in retention times between the two peaks, divided by the combined widths of the elution peaks. RS=2[(tR)B−(tR)A]WB+WA.

what is resolution formula? Resolution (r) = 1.22λ/(NA(obj) + NA(cond)) Where r is resolution (the smallest resolvable distance between two objects), NA is a general term for the microscope numerical aperture, λ is the imaging wavelength, NA(obj) equals the objective numerical aperture, and NA(cond) is the condenser numerical aperture.

Additionally, what is baseline resolution in chromatography?

A resolution value of 1.5 or greater between two peaks will ensure that the sample components are well (baseline) separated to a degree at which the area or height of each peak may be accurately measured. It should be noted that as resolution increases so does the time required for the separation.

How does flow rate affect resolution?

Changes in flow-rate will change the retention and dead times proportionally. A small — in this instance almost unnoticeable — increase in resolution occurs when the flow-rate is reduced. This change is caused by the influence of flow-rate upon the column plate number, not the relative peak spacing.

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