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What happened to Declan harps left eye?

The character played by Jason Momoa, Declan Harp, is blind in his left eye. English explorers and colonists named Hudson Bay (central element of the storyline) after Sir Henry Hudson who explored the bay beginning August 2, 1610 on his ship Discovery.

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Also know, is Declan harp based on a real person?

Jason Momoa's 'Frontier' Character Clashes With A Real-Life Organization. But despite Frontier's thematic similarities to The Revenant, there is no indication that Declan Harp was a real person, nor that Momoa's character was particularly inspired by any one real historical figure.

who is Declan harps father? Benton taunts Declan about his father – “a proper company man, with his Indian wife and his young, halfbreed son.” Seems the father wanted Benton to take care of his boy, after he was gone. We learn more of Harp, how he was trained in many ways by the Lord. Like a surrogate father.

Also to know, is Declan harps son alive?

Declan's main objective for three seasons has been getting revenge on the man who killed his family. At the end of season 3, he finally does that and learns that his son is still alive. He's much more sympathetic to Declan than Benton was, even giving him a head start before he has his men pursue him.

Is the show frontier historically accurate?

The Netflix Show Has Historical Roots. According to Huffington Post Canada, executive producer and star Alan Hawco said the show is a historical fiction drama, but it does explore aspects of a very real history.

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