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What happens if your axle is broken?

Combined with the lack of lubrication from not enough grease, the joint will eventually tear itself apart. If your axles are failing, you'll still technically be able to drive your car. Once broken completely, your car won't move, and if they break while you're driving, it could cause a serious accident.

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Similarly, you may ask, what happens if your axle breaks while driving?

If an axle begins to fail while driving, your car will start to pull to one side as one wheel loses power. When the axle breaks completely its corresponding wheel will no longer turn and although the engine may still run, the car won't move.

Additionally, how do you know if your axle is broken?

  • Usually, when your axle starts to go, you'll notice a bumping, clicking, or grinding noise when going into turns, or excessive shaking and vibrating when you accelerate.
  • If unaddressed, the wheel bearings will seize, the wheel itself will come off.

Considering this, is a broken axle repairable?

In most cases, replacement is the best way to fix a bent or broken axle. Patching up an axle crack or break is too risky, as it can fail while you're driving.

What causes a broken axle?

Axles also serve to bear the weight of the vehicle and its passengers and cargo. Even though axles are built to be tough, an overloaded vehicle can sometimes crack or break an axle. Bad carrier bearings or bad potholes are other common causes of axle problems.

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