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What happens in chapter 10 of Jekyll and Hyde?

Chapter 10. Dr. Jekyll starts his letter by explaining the two sides of his character: on the one hand, he loves being sober, dignified, and respectable, yet on the other hand he craves pleasure and debauchery. In his research, he discovers how to split these two natures into two men.

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Similarly, why is Jekyll and Hyde Chapter 10 important?

Jekyll's account clears up all the remaining mysteries of the novella , explaining how he came to take the potion and free part of his personality as Hyde. Two of the most important themes of the novella are fully explored only in this chapter: duality and the good/evil nature of humankind.

Additionally, what happens in chapter 3 of Jekyll and Hyde? Summary — Chapter 3: “Dr. Utterson stays late so that the two men can speak privately. Hyde.” But Jekyll emphasizes the great interest he currently takes in Hyde and his desire to continue to provide for him. He makes Utterson promise that he will carry out his will and testament.

Also question is, what happens in chapter 9 of Jekyll And Hyde?

Chapter Nine is the letter Lanyon asked Utterson not to open until both Lanyon and Jekyll have died. Lanyon starts by saying that he received a letter from Dr. Jekyll four days ago and was surprised, because they were not in the habit of corresponding The contents surprised him further.

What happens in Jekyll and Hyde?

Hyde are the same person. Dr. Jekyll is a scientist who, while searching for a way to separate his good self from his bad impulses, creates a potion that transforms himself into a man without a conscience. Eventually, the transformations get out of control, and he soon needs potions simply to retain his humanity.

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