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What instrument is VC?

Vn = violin (or vln) Va = viola (or vla) Vc= cello (vlc) Cb = double bass (or DB)

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People also ask, what is the abbreviation for instrument?

Abbreviation for Instrument

INST instrument
inst. instrument
INSTR Instrument
Inst Instrument technology, aviation, army
Instr Instrument technology, aviation, space

Beside above, what Does VC mean in music? VN or VLN = violin (Plural: vns) VA or VLA = viola (Plural: vas) VC or VLC = cello (Plural: vcs) VC-BC = cello and/or contrabass playing a BC line (called a 'continuo cello')

Subsequently, question is, what instrument is FG?

Bassoon (fagotto) fg.

What instrument is HN?

IMSLP:Abbreviations for Instruments

Abbreviation English German
harm Harmonium Harmonium
hca Harmonica (Mouth Organ) Mundharmonika
heck Heckelphone Heckelphon
hn Horn Horn

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