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What is a candino ball python?

A Candino is a ball python that has albino and candy genes. It is bright yellow with a light pink pattern. However, breeding them can be difficult because both the albino and candy genes are recessive. There are literally hundreds of morphs, but only 2 distinct categories.

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In respect to this, what does GHI mean in ball pythons?

GHI Ball Python. The GHI is a co-dominant morph that was discovered in 2007 by Matt Lerer. They are very dark with light highlights throughout their bodies. This is a very unique morph that actually seems to change color at night. The awesome GHI combos are virtually limitless.

Also, what makes a firefly ball python? The Firefly ball python was first produced in 2007. It is a striking morph that`s produced by breeding a Fire X Pastel. This breeding should yield an equal number of normals,Fires,Pastels, and Firefly`s. The Firefly ball is characterized by jet black markings over an intense neon yellow body.

Hereof, what is a lavender ball python?

Lavender pythons (Python regius) are a form of albino ball python, but with lavender base color rather than white. Hatchling and juvenile high-contrast albinos may have lavender or other pastel markings, which they lose by the time they reach adulthood.

What makes an ivory ball python?

When breeding two Yellow Bellies together, you have a 25% chance to produce an Ivory. You also have a 50% chance to produce another Yellow Belly, and a 25% chance to produce a normal.

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