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What is a career development board?

Career development boards are part of the Navy's effort to promote retention and maintain stable manpower levels. CBDs also assist sailors who decide to leave the Navy, with information on benefits, opportunities and their inactive reserve obligation.

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Just so, at what frequency are career development boards required to be completed?

"When the Sailor's career desires are recorded in CIMS it becomes part of a permanent record that can follow the Sailor throughout his or her career." CDBs are required for all Sailors upon reporting to a command, after six months on board, at 12-months on board and at 12-month intervals thereafter.

Also, how do you become a career counselor in the Navy? Requirements And Qualifications

  1. ASVAB VE and AR scores combined must be 105 or greater, with an individual AR score of at least 50.
  2. Must be at the paygrade of E-5 or E-6.
  3. Must have served at least six years in the Navy, and at least two years in their present rating.

Subsequently, one may also ask, at what level is the reporting CDB to be held?

Reporting CDB is to be conducted at the command level. Sailors should be given a career development board within 60 days of reporting. The first career development board is the most critical interaction between the Sailor and immediate chain of command.

What military life cycle items are discussed?

What military life cycle items are discussed in a career development board? Finances, certifications, and pre-separation counseling.

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