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What is a cuffed tracheostomy tube?

Tracheostomy tubes can be cuffed or uncuffed. Uncuffed tubes allow airway clearance but provide no protection from aspiration. Cuffed tracheostomy tubes allow secretion clearance and offer some protection from aspiration, and positive-pressure ventilation can be more effectively applied when the cuff is inflated.

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Moreover, what is the purpose of the cuff on a tracheostomy tube?

The purpose of the inflated tracheostomy tube cuff is to direct airflow through the tracheostomy tube.

Beside above, when would you use an uncuffed tracheostomy tube? An uncuffed tube is suitable for a patient in the recovery phase of critical illness who has returned from intensive care and may still require chest physiotherapy, suction via the trachea and airway support.

Considering this, can you talk with a cuffed trach?

If your tracheostomy has a cuff, it will need to be deflated. Your caregiver should make the decision about when to deflate your cuff. When the cuff is deflated and air can pass around your trach, you should try to talk and make sounds. Speaking will be harder than before you had your trach.

How do you change a tracheostomy cuffed tube?

Ensure that the tracheostomy cuff of the tube to be removed is deflated. While holding the tracheostomy tube in place, cut the ties of the tube to be removed. Remove the tracheostomy tube from the stoma and immediately insert the sterile tracheostomy tube.

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