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What is a direct life cycle of parasites?

Parasites with direct life cycles spend most of their adult lives in one host, known as the parasitic stage, with their progeny transmitted from one host to another, known as the free-living stage. Direct parasites often lack an intermediate stage and must leave their host.

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Considering this, what is direct and indirect life cycle?

The key difference between direct lifecycle and indirect lifecycle is that, in the direct lifecycle, the simple parasite lives their lifespan and reproduces within one host while in the indirect lifecycle, the complex parasites live in many numbers of hosts during the completion of their life cycle.

Furthermore, what is an intermediate host in the parasite life cycle? Types of hosts Secondary or intermediate host - an organism that harbors the sexually immature parasite and is required by the parasite to undergo development and complete its life cycle. It often acts as a vector of the parasite to reach its definitive host.

Likewise, people ask, why do parasites have complex life cycles?

Parasitic life cycle Parasites depend on the exploitation of one or more hosts. Those that must infect more than one host species to complete their life cycles are said to have complex or indirect life cycles, while those that infect a single species have direct life cycles.

What parasite completes its life cycle on or in its host?

An obligate parasite depends completely on the host to complete its life cycle, while a facultative parasite does not. Parasite life-cycles involving only one host are called "direct"; those with a definitive host (where the parasite reproduces sexually) and at least one intermediate host are called "indirect".

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