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What is a low flow oxygen delivery device?

Low-flow Delivery
Because the patient's minute ventilation exceeds flow, the oxygen delivered by the device will be diluted with ambient air and thus the inspired oxygen delivery is less than anticipated. Low-flow oxygen delivery systems consist of nasal cannula, nasal catheters, and transtracheal catheters.

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Keeping this in consideration, what is low flow oxygen delivery system?

Low flow: Low flow systems are specific devices that do not provide the patient's entire ventilatory requirements, room air is entrained with the oxygen, diluting the FiO2. Minute ventilation: The total amount of gas moving into and out of the lungs per minute.

Beside above, what is the difference between high flow and low flow o2 delivery systems? Thus, if the ventilatory demand of the patient is met completely by the system, then it is a high-flow system. In contrast, if the system fails to meet the ventilatory demand of the patient, then it is classified as a low-flow system.

Regarding this, what are oxygen delivery devices?

The high flow oxygen delivery devices consist of venturi masks, oxygen tent and oxygen hood. Table 1. The flow rate and approximate for different FiO2 oxygen delivery devices: Nasal cannulas are most commonly used in our day to day practice.

How much oxygen does a simple mask deliver?

The simple face mask can deliver higher flow rates than nasal cannula (6–10 liters per minute) for an FiO2 of 40–60% oxygen. Nasal cannula and simple face masks are described as low flow delivery systems.

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