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What is a Moteatea?

Mōteatea is a centuries-old tradition of chanted song-poetry. Traditional composers sometimes composed chants to call on gods or spirits. Gods and ancestors could express themselves in the world through music and the human voice.

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Hereof, what is a Moteatea Oriori?

'Oriori' are traditional waiata that tell stories, and are often sung to children. They can be about ancestors' journeys, geography or whakapapa. They may mark significant historical events including pregnancy, birth, retribution or reciprocity.

Beside above, what is a waiata a Ringa? A waiata-a-ringa is an action song. In the last 100 years waiata-a-ringa have become essential parts of kapa haka performances in Aotearoa/New Zealand. All cultures change and the advent of waiata-a-ringa into Maori performing arts is an example of this.

In this way, what is a Patere?

Patere. Patere is a monotone rhythmic chant that's sung at a faster pace than that of a karakia. The words tend to be spiteful, often abusive, and are accompanied by defiant gestures that reflect the genre's sombre undertones.

What is a waiata Tawhito?

Waiata were used to help teach children, to urge people to take up a cause, or to mourn in times of loss. Waiata can record a tribe's past by referring to ancestors, events and places. They are sometimes used to settle historical debates. Traditional waiata are still sung on marae and at gatherings.

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