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What is a persuasive text example?

Persuasive writing provides the opportunity to convince someone to adopt a particular viewpoint. Below, we'll explore various persuasive writing examples designed to convince the reader to take a certain action. Persuasive writing is very common in ad campaigns where marketing want to convince you to buy something.

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Similarly one may ask, what is an example of persuasion?

A business woman tries to persuade her coworkers. The definition of persuade is to convince someone to do or think something. An example of persuade is when you make a strong argument for why your idea is right and your argument convinces your boss to implement your idea.

Subsequently, question is, how do you write a persuasive sentence? The 5 keys to writing persuasive sentences for busy readers

  1. Be specific. The biggest problem in business writing is generic gobbledygook.
  2. Focus on your reader.
  3. Make your readers feel something.
  4. Keep your average sentence length at a maximum of 14 words.
  5. Be concise.

Thereof, what are the types of persuasive writing?

Persuasion has three basic types:

  • Ethos. It is linked with morality and ethics.
  • Logos. Logos comes of logic, therefore writers use logic, reasoning, and rationality to convince audiences of their perspectives.
  • Pathos. The third method is pathos, which invokes and appeals to the emotions of the audience.

What are some convincing words?

So here you go, here are 10 words customers love to hear when making a decision:

  • Free. If you think "free" is sleazy and overused, think again.
  • Exclusive. Everyone want to be in the "in" crowd.
  • Easy.
  • Limited.
  • Get.
  • Guaranteed.
  • You.
  • Because.

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