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What is a privacy door lever?

Privacy - This is a lockset which can be locked by a button or turn-piece on the inside, but has no key function. They are used on interior doors in bedroom and bathroom applications. Full dummy - These sets are full-size door knobs or handlesets that have no mechanical latch mechanism.

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Also to know is, what is a privacy lever set?

Interior Door Knob Or Lever Sets By Emtek The knobs or levers freely operate the latch. Passage sets are commonly used on interior doors, and sometimes on an exterior door in conjunction with a separate deadbolt. Privacy - Usually used on bathroom doors, and any other door that needs to be locked from the inside.

One may also ask, how does a privacy lock work? PRIVACY SETS are often used for single-occupant restrooms or dressing rooms. They can be locked from the inside with a thumbturn or push button/ turn for privacy, and they are typically unlocked from the outside using a tool rather than a key.

People also ask, what is the difference between a passage door knob and a privacy door knob?

2) Privacy Door Knobs - Privacy Door Knobs are generally used on bedrooms and baths. They are lockable but do not have a keyed cylinder. 3) Passage Door Knobs - Hall and Closet or Passage knob sets do not lock. They are generally used on closets or other doors where a lock is not required.

What does dummy lever mean?

Dummy knobs do not turn. They don't have locks, axles or latches. Dummy knobs are fake, fixed knobs used to open and close a door that doesn't have a traditional latch. Available in common designs including handlesets and levers, dummy knobs also are used to dress up inactive doors.

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