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What is a rad slimes favorite food?

Rad Slime: Rad slimes are found in the Indigo Quarry and in the Wilds (as Saber Largos). They eat vegetables and their favourite food is the Oca Oca.

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Likewise, how do I get RAD slimes?

The green slime is called "Rad Slime". It has not yet been added to the game, but, by using commands you can spawn it. The Rad Slime emits some radiation because of which you cannot stay too long near them. On the slime wikia it says it will be added in the quarry area that you can currently reach by using the jetpack.

Furthermore, what slimes eat fruit? They can either be categorized by their diet or general behavior towards the rancher. Fore example, Tabby and Boom Slimes are carnivores, and only eat meat (Chicken Meat, to be more specific). Phoshphor and Honey Slimes only eat fruits. Rock and Rad Slimes eat only vegetables.

Also Know, do Rad slimes need a solar shield?

Slime Rancher Tabby slimes escape without high walls, Phosphor slimes need the solar shield They can't live in the grotto or under a solar shield (unless made into a Phosphor largo). -Rad slimes quickly rot food inside their aura.

Where can I find rad Plorts?

The Rad Slime is a Slime found exclusively in The Indigo Quarry, and in The Wilds entirely as Saber Largos. Unlike other Harmful Slimes, they do not deal damage directly, but when exposed to their aura for long enough the player will start taking constant damage as long as they remain within the aura.

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