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What is a SCJ?

The squamocolumnar junction (SCJ) (fig. 5) is defined as the junction between the squamous epithelium and the columnar epithelium. Its location on the cervix is variable. The SCJ is the result of a continuous remodeling process resulting from uterine growth, cervical enlargement and hormonal status.

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Keeping this in consideration, what is SCJ in colposcopy?

Atlas of Colposcopy: Principles and Practice The squamous epithelium and the columnar epithelium meet at a line called the squamocolumnar junction (SCJ). The SCJ is visible as the junction between the pink squamous epithelium and the red columnar epithelium after the cervix is cleaned with normal saline.

Furthermore, what is the difference between Ectocervix and Endocervix? Ectocervix (exocervix, portio vaginalis), is the lower intravaginal portion of the cervix. It occupies a central position in the cervix and is round in the nulligravida and "slit-like" in the parous woman. Endocervix (cervical canal) is the cavity of the cervix and connects the external os with the internal os.

Hereof, what is the transformation zone of the cervix?

Columnar cells are constantly changing into squamous cells in an area of the cervix called the transformation (transitional) zone. The transformation zone is an area of changing cells, and it is the most common place on the cervix for abnormal cells to develop. These abnormal cells can be detected on a Pap smear.

What is the cervix used for?

The cervix is the lower portion of the uterus. It is approximately two inches long, and it's tubular in shape. It widens during childbirth to allow for the passage of the baby. It also allows for the passage of menstrual fluid from the uterus, and sperm needs to travel through the cervix in order to reach the uterus.

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