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What is a Tambura made of?

The tanpuras are decorated with fine inlay work and wooden leaf patterns to give it a much better appearance. There are four metal strings, three are made of steel and the fourth and the lowest one is of brass. Carnatic tamburas usually have wooden bodies. The most preferred wood to make the body is jack wood.

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Besides, how is a Tambura played?

It is played with a plectrum, playing short tones which are plucked from the top down, while playing long tones with fast tremolo. For solo playing or to accompany a singer, they are played in the traditional manner, which is to play a melody on the highest course whilst using the other course or courses as a drone.

One may also ask, what is the difference between Tambura and Tanpura? Tanpura is another string instrument that does not play melody on its own, but supports the melody of another instrument or singer. It plays a continuous harmonic music that provides a base pitch ( like the modern Shrutibox , an electronic instrument to provide a base pitch too). It is also referred to as 'Tambura'.

Similarly one may ask, when was the Tambura invented?

Stephen Slawek notes that by the end of the 16th century, the tanpura had "fully developed in its modern form", and was seen in the miniature paintings of the Mughals. Slawek further suggests that due to structural similarity the sitar and tanpura share a related history.

Which place is famous for best traditional Tanpura?

Miraj is famous for its remarkable craftsmanship of Indian string instruments.

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