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What is a wedding retreat?

The retreat is your chance to take time away from work, kids, and daily chores. To look inward and focus on yourself and each other. Marriage counseling retreats usually last a day or two and you can find them in different group sizes.

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Consequently, how much is a marriage retreat?

Four-Day Marriage Retreat Pricing Small group Marriage Retreats are priced according to location and generally range from $3895 to $4395 per couple. Our Retreat location in Playa del Carmen, Mexico is priced at $5995 per couple. One-on-one Retreats are quoted individually and start at $9495.

Likewise, do marriage retreats work? True success from a couples therapy intensive is just as much about what you do after the retreat as it is about what you do during. Marriage and couples retreats are effective, but they are not a magic bullet. If you want to retain the gains you've made, you must invest the time.

Similarly, what does Couple Retreat mean?

A couples retreat could mean a lot of things. There are some that might sound a bit like a marriage bootcamp: a planned romantic vacation dispersed with conflict management, communication workshops and relationship education, meant to improve your sense of intimacy.

What is a marriage conference?

Past events and personal interviews from attendees reveal that some couples come intermittently using this event as a 'tune-up' to their marriage. There are also stories that some couples had attended as a last-ditch-effort to save their marriage.

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