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What is Adler's concept of the creative self?

The Creative Self.
The concept of the creative self places the responsibility for the individual's personality into his own hands. The Adlerian practitioner sees the individual as responsible for himself, he attempts to show the person that he cannot blame others or uncontrollable forces for his current condition.

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Simply so, what are the key concepts of Adlerian therapy?

The main concepts of Adler's theory are social interest, holism, lifestyle, goals or directionality and equality. Adler emphasized the importance of childhood inferiority feelings and stressed psychosocial rather than psychosexual development.

Additionally, who gave the concept of creative self? Question 2 What is Adlers concept of the creative self Answer Adler believed | Course Hero.

Keeping this in view, what is the creative self?

The Creative Self is the combination of attributes that each of us forms to make a unique place among others in our social interactions. There are five components to this factor: thinking, emotions, control, work, and positive humor.

What is Adler theory?

Adler's Personality Theory was created by Alfred Adler (1870 - 1937). Adler called his theory Individual Psychology because he believed that people were unique and that no theory created before his applied to all people. His theory also contains the effects of the order of the family.

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