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What is Agent interest?

It means that the agent personally, some one at the real estate office (ie - anyone who works for the business), or a company that someone at the real estate owns or is involved with has at least part ownership of the property being offered for sale

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Likewise, what does Agent owned interest mean?

Agent-owned properties are residential and commercial properties owned by the agent or being purchased for the agent as his or her primary residence or investment property. This means, as the agent, you have the potential to represent yourself as the buyer or seller in a real estate sale.

Additionally, what does agent for owner mean? Real estate listings often state the name of the property's owner, whether it's an individual or a bank. Some listings avoid listing the owner's name altogether and others contain the phrase “agent/owner.” An agent/owner indication means that the agent representing the property has an ownership interest in it.

Then, what does Agent equity mean?

That's all it says; it's an online house listing for a rent-to-own, and next to the price and stuff it says "agent has equity". Best answer: Answer by slguldiwithout more information on the contrext that was used in, I would say it means the agent has an ownership interest in the property.

What is licensee property interest?

LICENSEE INTEREST. Participant as Principal. If a Participant or any licensee (or licensed or certified appraiser) affiliated with a. Participant has any ownership interest in the property, the listing of which is to be. disseminated through the MLS, that person shall disclose that interest when the listing is.

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