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What is ante purgatory?

First Stage (Stubbornness) This stage is at the very base of the mountain and is part of what is known as Ante-Purgatory. In it, the two poets encounter the souls of those who delayed their Christian life because of their stubbornness to obey God's laws.

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Also to know is, what are the 7 levels of purgatory?

Seven terraces of Purgatory

  • First terrace (Pride) The first three terraces of Purgatory relate to sins caused by a perverted love directed towards actual harm of others.
  • Second terrace (Envy)
  • Third terrace (Wrath)
  • Fourth terrace (Sloth)
  • Fifth terrace (Avarice)
  • Sixth terrace (Gluttony)
  • Seventh terrace (Lust)

One may also ask, what are the 9 levels of purgatory? Contents

  • 3.1 First terrace (Pride)
  • 3.2 Second terrace (Envy)
  • 3.3 Third terrace (Wrath)
  • 3.4 Fourth terrace (Sloth)
  • 3.5 Fifth terrace (Avarice)
  • 3.6 Sixth terrace (Gluttony)
  • 3.7 Seventh terrace (Lust)

In this regard, who is the guardian of purgatory?

At the shores of Purgatory, Dante and Virgil meet Cato, a pagan who has been placed by God as the general guardian of the approach to the mountain (his symbolic significance has been much debated).

What is the difference between inferno and purgatory?

Answer and Explanation: The main difference between the two sections of the Divine Comedy is based on the fact that Hell holds no hope, while Purgatory offers redemption at

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