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What is conceptual based learning?

-Concept based learning is about big transferable ideas that transcend time, place, situation. -Content just focuses on facts while concept focuses on making sense of those facts and the world around us. -Content based teaching may not get beyond information transmission/superficial learning.

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Similarly, you may ask, what is meant by conceptual learning?

Conceptual learning is an educational method that centers on big-picture ideas and learning how to organize and categorize information.

Also Know, what is a concept driven curriculum? Concept-based instruction is driven by “big ideas” rather than subject-specific content. By leading students to consider the context in which they will use their understanding, concept-based learning brings “real world” meaning to content knowledge and skills.

Also question is, what is a conceptual lens?

A Conceptual Lens is a particular concept, or perhaps two concepts, that are selected to focus the thinking for a classroom unit of study. The conceptual lens is chosen after the unit title has been selected.

What are concepts in education?

Concepts of education are beliefs about what is worth learning and how people should acquire that learning. A group's concept of education can be inferred from the dominant educational agencies, objectives, curriculum content, methods of teaching, and techniques of evaluation found within that group.

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