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What is considered southern Minnesota?

Southern Minnesota is a region roughly south and west of the Twin Cities region of Minnesota. Its regions includes Big Stone, Blue Earth, Brown, Chippewa, Cottonwood, Dodge, Faribault, Fillmore, Freeborn, Goodhue, Houston, Jackson, Kandiyohi, Lac qui Parle…

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Simply so, what cities are in southern Minnesota?


  • Albert Lea.
  • Austin.
  • Blue Earth.
  • Byron.
  • Cannon Falls.
  • Darwin, home to the world's largest ball of twine.
  • Fairmont.
  • Frost.

Additionally, what is the state of Minnesota known for? Minnesota is also known as the "Bread and Butter State" because of its numerous flourmills and butter-making plants. Another nickname for the state is the "Land of 10,000 Lakes." Minnesota has over 15,000 lakes, however.

In this way, what is considered South Central Minnesota?

"South Central Minnesota" refers to a group of fewer than a dozen counties loosely centered on the city of Mankato. The Twin Cities Metropolitan area includes 13 counties, two of which are in Wisconsin. It is a socio-economic area driven by the twin cities of Minneapolis and the state capital, Saint Paul.

What is considered greater Minnesota?

Introduction. Greater Minnesota. It's a term recognized by many Minnesotans as referring to the area outside the seven counties of the Twin Cities region that is centered on the state's two largest cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, or the state's non-urban areas more generally.

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