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What is CRM in data warehouse?

Abstract. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the activity of establishing contact and managing communications with customers, analyzing information about customers, campaigning to attract new customers, performing business transactions with customers, servicing customers, and providing support to customers.

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Furthermore, what is CRM in data mining?

Role of Data Mining in CRM Data mining techniques in CRM assist your business in finding and selecting the relevant information that can then be used to get a holistic view of the customer life-cycle; this comprises of four stages: customer identification, attraction, retention, and development.

Also Know, what is data warehouse architecture? A data warehouse is the defacto source of business truth developed by combining data from multiple disparate sources. It supports analytical reporting, and both structured and ad hoc queries. All data warehouse architecture includes the following layers: Data Source Layer. Data Staging Layer.

Besides, what is ERP in data warehousing?

ERP data warehousing is "a framework of information objects that becomes the foundation of business intelligence, knowledge support systems, and other business applications across the extraprise, leveraging the infrastructure of ERP applications."

What is data warehouse Slideshare?

Data warehouse. Data Warehouse• The data warehouse is that portion of an overall Architected Data Environment that serves as the single integrated source of data for processing information. • Data ware house contains Historical data as well as Current data.

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