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What is English dovetail construction?

We often get asked what is the difference between English and French dovetail drawer construction. English Dovetail: Notice the jigsaw cutouts on the sides of each drawer piece, which when joined together form a tightly fit drawer. Fyi, the English dovetail technique is also commonly referred to as a butt joint.

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Besides, what is English dovetail joinery?

A dovetail joint is a locking joint. The English dovetail construction tends to allow for the largest possible drawer storage capacity. French dovetail construction is used for more elaborate features such a curved, bowed design.

Also Know, what is dovetail drawer construction? A "dovetail" drawer refers to the specific construction of the drawer; a dovetail joint is used to securely join the drawer side and the drawer front together. Dovetail joints are used to join the sides of a drawer to the front and back of the kitchen drawer, keeping the kitchen cabinet drawers strong and sturdy.

Similarly, you may ask, what is a through dovetail joint?

Through Dovetail Joints A Through joint is where the end grain is visible from both boards. Through dovetail joints are most commonly used on box construction and carcass (framework of the piece). This joint is also called a plain dovetail by many in the woodworking community.

Are dovetail drawers worth it?

Dovetail drawers require a different type of construction than standard kitchen drawers, and are usually regarded as a higher quality drawer option for homeowners. Glue is stronger than wood, and therefore the more space that is available for gluing allows for an even stronger drawer box.

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