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What is fiberglass resin jelly used for?

This gel is commonly used with fiberglass cloth for repairs on not only fiberglass items, but for minor rust damage to metal, and holes in plastic, wood, cars, farm equipment, boats, snowmobiles, motorcycles and campers. This is an easy technique to use and is especially effective for damaged fiberglass items.

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Thereof, what is fiberglass resin jelly?

Bondo Fiberglass Resin Jelly is a milled fiberglass reinforced, non-drip jelly formula. Recommended for repairing and filling minor rust-outs on metal, wood, plastic, fiberglass autobodies, boats, campers, farm equipment, and snowmobiles.

Subsequently, question is, does Walmart sell fiberglass resin? Bondo Fiberglass Resin, 00402, 0.9 Quart -

Also to know, how do you mix fiberglass resin and hardener ratio?

Set the fiberglass in a spot that is easily within reach. Add liquid hardener and resin in a small bowl in proportions as recommended by the manufacturer. Mix the two well using a plastic spoon or knife. Add the resin and hardener to the fiberglass cloth strips using the plastic spoon or knife used to stir the mixture.

Does Home Depot sell fiberglass resin?

All-Purpose Fiberglass Resin-20122 - The Home Depot.

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