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What is frequency polygon What are its uses?

Frequency Polygon. A frequency polygon is a graphical form of representation of data. It is used to depict the shape of the data and to depict trends. It is usually drawn with the help of a histogram but can be drawn without it as well.

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Correspondingly, what is frequency polygon with example?

Frequency polygons are a graphical device for understanding the shapes of distributions. They serve the same purpose as histograms, but are especially helpful for comparing sets of data. Frequency polygons are also a good choice for displaying cumulative frequency distributions.

Also Know, what are the characteristics of frequency polygon? A frequency polygon is very similar to a histogram. In fact, they are almost identical except that frequency polygons can be used to compare sets of data or to display a cumulative frequency distribution. In addition, histograms tend to be rectangles while a frequency polygon resembles a line graph.

Accordingly, what is frequency polygon?

A frequency polygon is a graph constructed by using lines to join the midpoints of each interval, or bin. The heights of the points represent the frequencies.

How do you construct a frequency table?

To construct a frequency table, we proceed as follows:

  1. Construct a table with three columns. The first column shows what is being arranged in ascending order (i.e. the marks).
  2. Go through the list of marks.
  3. Count the number of tally marks for each mark and write it in third column.

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