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What is fund commitment?

Fund Commitment means the sum of (i) the purchase price of the Preferred Shares to be purchased by the Investors pursuant to this Agreement plus (ii) the purchase price of the Common Shares to be purchased by the Investors pursuant to this Agreement plus (iii) the purchase price of the Investor Warrants.

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In respect to this, what are committed funds?

A financing facility provided by a BANK to a borrower, which cannot be withdrawn unless the borrower breaches COVENANTS or other terms of the facility; this means the bank must provide funds when called on to do so, regardless of the market environment or borrower.

Also Know, what is an unfunded capital commitment? Unfunded Capital Commitment means the portion of a Member's Capital Commitment that has not been drawn down pursuant to one or more Contribution Notices, as such amount may be adjusted pursuant to this Agreement.

One may also ask, what is investment commitment?

Investment Commitment means a commitment, agreement or undertaking by the Company or a Subsidiary of the Company to acquire a Facility or to make or acquire a Mortgage. Based on 6 documents 6.

What is a commitment period in private equity?

Commitment Period is the time frame, typically a period of 3-5 years, during which a private equity Fund is permitted to call capital from Investors to make new investments or additional investments in portfolio companies.

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