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What is galangal Spice?

Galangal root is a spice native to Southern Asia. It's closely related to ginger and turmeric and has been used in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine for centuries ( 1 ). The word galangal refers to the root of several plants of the Zingiberaceae family.

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In respect to this, is galangal and ginger the same thing?

The Difference Between Galangal and Ginger. Their biggest difference is their taste: galangal has a sharp citrusy, almost piney flavor, while ginger is fresh, pungently spicy, and barely sweet — that means that they cannot be used interchangeably.

Secondly, what is galangal called in English? The word galangal, or its variant galanga, can refer in common usage to the aromatic rhizome of any of four plant species in the Zingiberaceae (ginger) family, namely: Alpinia galanga, also called greater galangal, lengkuas or laos. Kaempferia galanga, also called kencur, black galangal or sand ginger.

Hereof, is turmeric and galangal the same thing?

Galangal comes in two varieties – greater galangal (Alpinia galanga) and lesser galangal (Alpinia offi cinarum) – and is related to ginger, but is more pine-like and citrusy in flavour. Turmeric: Turmeric (Curcuma longa) has bright orange flesh and a subtle, earthy flavour.

Is Galangal a vegetable?

Galangal is a close relation of root ginger, galangal is a popular flavouring ingredient in south east Asian recipes. It has a similar knobbly appearance and flavour to fresh ginger although it is more pungent and spicier. When buying choose a fresh-looking root with unblemished skin.

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