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What is IW warfare pin?

The insignia recognizes those members of the Navy's enlisted force who have acquired the specific professional skills, knowledge, and military experience that result in qualification for service in the information warfare activities of the Navy.

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Besides, what does IW mean in the Navy?

Information Warfare

One may also ask, are navy warfare pins mandatory? Since 1997, the pins have been a mandatory part of Navy shipboard training. Navy policy states sailors who have to qualify must do so within 18 months of reporting aboard.

Secondly, what is a Navy warfare pin?

The enlisted surface warfare specialist insignia also known as the ESWS pin, is authorized for wear by any enlisted member of the United States Navy who is permanently stationed aboard a navy afloat command and completes the enlisted surface warfare qualification program and personal qualification standards (PQS).

How many Navy warfare pins are there?

Smith's chest is spangled with the surface, information and aviation warfare pins – three of the 11 that are offered by the Navy – so he's not opposed to earning the hardware.

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