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What is LYFT Rideshare?

Lyft, Inc. is a ridesharing company based in San Francisco, California and operating in 644 cities in the United States and 12 cities in Canada. It develops, markets, and operates the Lyft mobile app, offering car rides, scooters, a bicycle-sharing system, and a food delivery service.

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In this regard, does LYFT have pool rides?

Both Express Pool and Shared Saver can be half the price of the next-cheapest rides. Shared Saver is only for parties of one or two (no groups), and it doesn't allow for stop-offs along the way to your destination. Lyft says pickup locations will never be more than a five-minute walk.

Secondly, does LYFT shared make you walk? Lyft today announced what it says is its “most affordable” ride option yet: Shared Saver. After a few minutes, you'll be directed to a pickup spot that's “a quick walk” (at most a few blocks, Lyft says) from your location. There you'll meet your driver and fellow riders.

Also to know, is LYFT cheaper than Uber?

Lyft and Uber are in the same industry (third party credit card processing companies) but they have different business models. Uber charges a few cents less than Lyft does per mile and per minute to keep their competitive edge. Lyft charges more per trip so that their drivers can earn more.

Can LYFT pick up another person?

Requesting for friends You're welcome to request rides for someone else. Enter your friend's address in the app or move the pin to their location, then tap 'Request Lyft. ' Call or text your driver to give them a heads up that they'll be picking up your friend and not you.

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