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What is mean position in SHM?

Concepts of Simple Harmonic Motion (S.H.M)
Amplitude: The maximum displacement of a particle from its equilibrium position or mean position is its amplitude. Its S.I. Its direction is always away from the mean or equilibrium position. Period: The time taken by a particle to complete one oscillation is its period.

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Similarly, why velocity is maximum at mean position?

The maximum displacement of the bob from its mean position, i.e. OA or OB is called its amplitude. For this reason its velocity is maximum at the mean position. The bob is its highest point at either of its extreme positions. Here its potential energy is maximum while the kinetic energy is zero.

Subsequently, question is, what do you mean by amplitude of SHM? The amplitude is simply the maximum displacement of the object from the equilibrium position. So, in other words, the same equation applies to the position of an object experiencing simple harmonic motion and one dimension of the position of an object experiencing uniform circular motion.

Accordingly, why SHM is called simple?

In mathematics if any variable is written in terms of sines and cosines ( that too going on both side of zero ) we call such function “harmonic”. In simple terms to and fro periodic motion(or oscillations simply) is called harmonic motion from mathematical point of view.

How do you determine SHM?

Find the acceleration from the equation representing the displacement and try to relate. The other method is that an SHM usually involves conservation of energy. So try finding total energy. If it is constant, then look for spring like properties, which we usually find in an SHM.

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