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What is Microsoft .NET framework 4.5 multi targeting pack?

NET Framework 4.5. 2 Multi-Targeting Pack Language Packs: Contains the IntelliSense files to display help while building apps that target the . NET Framework 4.5. 2 through Visual Studio and third party IDEs.

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Moreover, what is .NET targeting pack?

A multi-targeting pack, or MT pack, is a set of reference assemblies that corresponds to a particular . NET Framework platform and version. A reference assembly is a . NET Framework assembly that typically has no method bodies and no internal or private APIs.

Also Know, what is latest version of .NET framework? Net framework 1.0. The . Net framework has come a long way since then, and the current version is 4.7.

People also ask, how do I upgrade my .NET framework?

On Windows 7 SP1 / Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, you will see the Microsoft . NET Framework 4.7 as an installed product under Programs and Features in Control Panel. On Windows Server 2012 you can find this as Update for Microsoft Windows (KB3186505) under Installed Updates in Control Panel.

How do I download .NET framework in Visual Studio?

How to install . NET Framework 4.7 in Visual Studio 2017

  1. Install Windows 10 Creators Update. Go here, download and install.
  2. Install Visual Studio 2017 Updates. In Visual Studio, go to Tools -> Extensions and Updates, install any available updates.
  3. Open Visual Studio 2017 Installer.
  4. Install .

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