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What is Mina Murray's profession?

So true, so sweet, so noble. . . .” Mina stands as the model of domestic propriety, an assistant schoolmistress who dutifully studies newfangled machines like the typewriter so as to be useful to her husband.

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Accordingly, how is Mina described in Dracula?

Mina Murray/Harker is an important character in Bram Stoker's Dracula. Throughout the novel, Mina embodies some interesting contradictions. She is a submissive female, but with a 'man's brain. ' She can be a nurturing to the men as a mother-figure and yet a helpless child with her own fears.

Additionally, how are Mina and Lucy different in Dracula? Mina is first engaged to, and then married to Jonathan Harker. She is a devoted and submissive wife, but she is also educated and intellectual. Lucy is a beautiful, pure woman who becomes engaged to Arthur Holmwood. Both women are attacked and victimized by Count Dracula, but the outcomes are different.

Also, does Dracula fall in love with Mina in the book?

In Bram Stoker's original novel, Mina is not only not in love with Dracula, she is actively repelled by him. Mina, throughout the novel, is in love with her fiancee and later husband Jonathan Harker. She adores him, suffers for him, worries over him, and both saves and is saved by him.

In what profession does Mina express interest?

Mina tells Lucy that she is interested in working at acquiring the skills of a lady journalist‹not for the sake of a career, but for her own betterment. She is going to keep a detailed journal, and she hopes to practice her powers of observation.

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