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What is Nain in Welsh?

The usual word for grandmother in the Welsh of North Wales is nain.

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Also, how do you say Nain in Welsh?

Depending on where you live in Wales, there are different ways of saying “grandmother” in Welsh. If you call North Wales your home, the most common word you'll hear is nain while South Walians prefer the cute-sounding mam-gu (pronounced maam-gee).

Furthermore, what is a Mamgu? mamgu. Type: noun; (South Wales) grandmother.

Besides, what do the Welsh call their grandparents?

The Welsh words Nain and Taid have been listed in a top 10 of "unusual" names for grandparents. They are very common in north Wales, with Mamgu and Tadcu the south Wales alternatives. A survey by, a website for new parents, put Nain fourth for grans, and Taid seventh in the male list.

What does grancha mean in Welsh?

Grancha, for those of you who have no concept of Wenglish, means grandfather.

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