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What is non glare acrylic?

Clear Non Glare Acrylic Sheets (also called P-99) has a matte finish, designed to minimize glare and reflection from most viewing angles. Like standard acrylic, Clear Non Glare Acrylic Sheets are lightweight, easy to fabricate and shatter resistant.

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Similarly, you may ask, does acrylic reflect light?

Glass has 90% light transmission, for acrylic it is 92%. Acrylic provides a softer reflection of light. Station glass and acrylic opposite each other and one is seldom in doubt about what is what.

One may also ask, is plexiglass anti glare? Non-glare plexiglass (P-99) is designed to minimize glare and reflection as well as maximize the unhindered viewing of framed artwork and prints, making it an excellent solution for art galleries, museums, studios, and more. This anti-glare plastic sheet is also lightweight and easily fabricated.

Simply so, what is p99 acrylic?

ACRYLITE® non-glare (P99) acrylic sheet is designed to minimize glare under many lighting conditions. Its subtle textured finish creates a glare-free view from any angle, while showing off the natural beauty of your artwork and prints.

Can you make glass non glare?

There are AR* coatings on some kinds of achitectural/window glass and picture framing glass. *Not to be confused with 'non-glare' which is usually a surface texture rather than a coating, and it doesn't decrease total reflections but it does make them diffuse.

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