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What is pre trimmed wallpaper?

PRE-TRIMMED WALLPAPER:Wall-covering whose salvaged edges have been trimmed at the factory. PRIMER:Applied to the walls or ceiling before installing wallpaper. When you use an oil base primer, it works as a barrier for the wallpaper adhesive.

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Similarly, it is asked, when should I trim wallpaper?

Trim the allowance by using just enough pressure to cut through the wallpaper cleanly in a single stroke. Before you move on to the next drop, remove any adhesive from the face of the wallcovering with a damp sponge. Wiping up wet paste is easier than getting it off after it dries.

Secondly, what's the strip of wallpaper called? Borders - a narrow, decorative strip of wall-covering. Generally, wallpaper borders are used at the ceiling line or across the centre of a wall. Borders can also be applied on top of wallpaper.

Secondly, what does untrimmed wallpaper mean?

UNTRIMMED WALLPAPERS. This means that when you unroll the wallpaper, you will see that there is a blank area on the left and right sides of the wallpaper. This is called the selvage edge, and it is approximately 1.5” on each side.

Do you cut wallpaper wet or dry?

It is preferred to trim the paper while its wet. Use a plastic spackling tool to use as a guide and "slide cut" along the top, bottom, and any edges. Use a fresh blade with every cut, no matter how small. I never trim more than the width of the paper without snapping a new blade.

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