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What is pristine in AngularJS?

212. The ng-dirty class tells you that the form has been modified by the user, whereas the ng-pristine class tells you that the form has not been modified by the user. So ng-dirty and ng-pristine are two sides of the same story. The classes are set on any field, while the form has two properties, $dirty and $pristine .

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In this way, what's the difference between dirty touched and pristine in a form element?

pristine: This property returns true if the element's contents have not been changed. dirty: This property returns true if the element's contents have been changed. untouched: This property returns true if the user has not visited the element. touched: This property returns true if the user has visited the element.

Also, what is Ng form in AngularJS? The ng-form Directive in AngularJS is used to create nested form i.e. one form inside the other form. It specifies an inherit control from HTML form. It creates control group inside a form directive which can be used to determine the validity of a sub-group of controls.

Beside above, what is dirty in angular?

ng-untouched The field has not been touched yet. ng-touched The field has been touched. ng-pristine The field has not been modified yet. ng-dirty The field has been modified. ng-valid The field content is valid.

What is $setValidity in AngularJS?

The $setValidity() function is a built-in AngularJS function that is used to assign a key/value combination that can be used to check the validity of a specific model value. The key in this case is “unique” and the value is either true or false.

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